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Roasted Purple Sweet Potato and Shio-Kombu Salad

Yaki Imo to Shio-Kombu no Salad

Can’t get enough of donabe roasted purple sweet potatoes! Here’s an ultimate “non-recipe” recipe I make all the time. Super simple and super tasty always. The sweet potato becomes so rich in flavor and creamy texture when roasted in Roast Donabe, and this magical condiment, Shio-Kombu (salt seasoned shredded kelp) totally complements the flavors along with evoo and roasted walnuts. You really don’t need anything else!

Shio-Kombu & Sweet Potato Rice

Shio-Kombu to Satsuma-Imo no Gohan

Shio-kombu is one of the staple items in my pantry. It’s shredded seasoned kombu (kelp), and I like to toss them in a simple salad or use as a topping over rice, tofu, add to stir-fry, etc. It’s so versatile. My Ginger Shio-Kombu Rice recipe in the DONABE Cookbook is one of the most popular recipes among the donabe fans.

Here’s another donabe rice dish using shio-kombu. It’s Shio-Kombu & Satsuma-Imo Gohan. It’s a simple and delicious donabe rice, cooked with shio-kombu and Japanese sweet potato. As a “guilty pleasure”, after scooping the rice into a bowl, I like to top it with a small slice of butter (this time, I used this special cultured seaweed butter from France) Super good.

Shio-Kombu Pork & Napa Cabbage Mille Feuille

This is such a simple dish as all I need to do is to pile up napa cabbage and pork slices (this time, I used pork shoulder, but pork belly is also good), cut them and stuff in a donabe . The seasoning is basically just the Shio-Kombu, and it releases so much umami flavors to the dish! The donabe cooks the ingredients evenly in just 15 – 20 minutes over stovetop, and you don’t need to do anything to it, meanwhile. Both the napa cabbage and pork become so tender!

The dish is already so tasty on its own, but I like to drizzle a small amount of ponzu or a dab of yuzu-kosho.

Shio-Kombu Carrot

I love Shio-Kombu (salt-seasoned kelp) so much and always keep it in my pantry. I mix it with rice, salad, add to hot pot, etc. Shio-Kombu is so versatile!

This quick Shio-Kombu Carrot has great flavor and texture, and I can easily eat a whole large carrot myself this way. In order to release excess moisture of the raw carrot, sliced carrots are lightly seasoned and left with a weight for about 15 minutes or so. I used Jukusei Meijin (small fermentation jar), but you can also use the Glass Pickle Maker or just a small bowl with a weight.

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