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How to Take Care of Your Donabe

With proper care, your donabe can last for a very long time.

Cleaning your Donabe

  • Use mild dish soap with (warm) water
  • Make sure to dry the bottom of the pot by placing it upside down to avoid possible mildew to grow on the pot when it is stored (See photo below.)
  • Make sure that the bottom is dry before you set your donabe over heat
    • If the bottom is very wet, the moisture can be absorbed and expand in the porous base and cause possible cracking when heated
  • Leftovers should not be kept in the donabe overnight. If you have any leftovers, transfer it to another container.




  • If the inside of the donabe has a small crack(s) only in the bottom, and/or the donabe is leaking, repeat the seasoning procedure (How to season Donabe) again.
  • If the donabe has crack that goes to the edge or has any visible damage, stop using it immediately.



  • If the food’s smell lingers inside of the donabe, fill the donabe with the water to 80% and a small scoop of green tea leaves and simmer for about 10 minutes.
  • If  actual mold has grown in the donabe, you can use a sponge (or a not very abrasive scrub) and dish soap to clean it.
    • Depending on how persistent the mold is, the stain might remain even after cleaning (but it’s safe to use).
    • For the moldy smell, fill the donabe with water to about 80% full and a few table spoons of distilled vinegar, and simmer for about 10 minutes. Then, repeat the seasoning procedure (How to season Donabe) again.
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