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Green Beans and Nori Salad

Ingen no Nori-ae

This quick salad dish is very easy to make, and I love how the nori brings a beautiful aroma to this dish. The roasted and ground sesame seeds, yuzu juice, and sesame oil adds extra layers of flavor, and go well with the tender green beans steamed in Mushi Nabe. You can substitute the golden sesame seeds/ golden sesame oil with black sesame seeds/ black sesame oil for a variation. The tamari soy sauce not only gives the rich umami to the dish, but makes the dish friendly for those on a gluten-free diet.

Vegan option

This is a vegan dish.


Mushi Nabe

Other Suggested Equipments: Horoku (Japanese sesame roaster) and
Suribachi & Surikogi (Japanese mortar & pestle; large) are highly recommended.


3 - 4 as an appetizer or a side dish



  1. Get the Mushi Nabe ready, add the green beans and cook for 2 – 3 minutes or just until tender. (Or, if you don’t have Mushi Nabe, you can simply boil the bean in salted water until tender. But, Mushi Nabe really cooks the beans nicely while retaining the nutrients and flavors.) Cut each bean half at an angle. Set aside.
  2. Toast the sesame seeds in the horoku (sesame roaster) or a pan over medium-low heat just until fragrant. Transfer the sesame seeds to a suribachi (Japanese mortar) and ground.
  3. Add the tamari soy sauce, yuzu juice and sesame oil and stir. Add the green beans and toss with the sauce mixture.
  4. Right before serving, tear the nori by hand, and add to the green beans. Sprinkle some sansho powder, if you like, and toss quickly. Serve right out of the suribachi at the table.

I love toasting sesame seeds in my horoku.

Once the sesame seeds are aromatic, transfer to a suribachi (mortar) and ground with surikogi (pestle).

Right before serving, add the nori. Nori adds such a nice aromatic touch, and you can also enjoy the initial light crispness of it. You can serve right out of the suribachi (mortar) to enjoy!


Suggested Tools and Tableware

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