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Roasted Purple Sweet Potato and Shio-Kombu Salad

Yaki Imo to Shio-Kombu no Salad

Can’t get enough of donabe roasted purple sweet potatoes! Here’s an ultimate “non-recipe” recipe I make all the time. Super simple and super tasty always. The sweet potato becomes so rich in flavor and creamy texture when roasted in Roast Donabe, and this magical condiment, Shio-Kombu (salt seasoned shredded kelp) totally complements the flavors along with evoo and roasted walnuts. You really don’t need anything else!

Sweet Potato & Walnut Rice

Satsuma Imo to Kurumi no Takikomi Gohan

Satsuma-imo (Japanese sweet potato) and roasted walnuts bring rich earth and sweet flavors to this dish.

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