Happy Donabe Life

TOIRO’s Two-Year Anniversary Reception

October 25, 2019


My brick-and-mortar shop, TOIRO, has turned 2 years old! We opened its door on October 10, 2017. It’s been amazing two years…and the time flew by so fast.

So, we hosted an anniversary reception to celebrate with our supporters…our customers, friends and family, at our shop on Saturday, October 12. It was a real festive day!

Just like last year, we had delicious small bites made by Tsubaki, in addition to our donabe rice onigiri (rice balls) etc.

So many people were already waiting outside before our event began.

During the two hours, more than 350 people showed up to celebrate with us! We were so happy to see beautiful smiles of these people and they are having a fun time.

I want to thank everybody who came to celebrate the milestone with us and also those people who couldn’t come but continue to support TOIRO. I also want to thank Team TOIRO…I am so lucky to work with these amazingly talented and dedicated women to pursue our mission of spreading the wonderful Japanese food culture and healthy donabe cooking to the world.

Happy donabe life.



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