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TOIRO’s Brick-and-Mortar Store 1-Year Anniversary

October 20, 2018

TOIRO’s brick and mortar store had a one-year anniversary on October 10! So, we recently had a celebration with many of our customers, friends, and family. We also launched our World of Kohchosai Kosuga collection, featuring many artisanal bamboo products from the 5th generation atelier. It was certainly a night to remember– we had wonderful food from Tsubaki and Bub & Grandma’s bread, wine, and met so many of our greatest supporters and lovers.

Busy time prepping dishes before the party.

Mrs. Donabe giving an inspiring prep talk to TOIRO staff members before we open doors to guests!

Greeting guests to our doors with warm friendly smiles and lots of love.

Guests marveling at our “World of Kohchosai Kosuga” collection. Available here.

The menu included izakaya-style small bites by Tsubaki, artisan bread by Bub & Grandma’s, matcha passionfruit and shichimi togarashi vanilla cream puffs by Yuko.

We had such an amazing night and are so grateful to have such an amazing team that made the event  possible! Go Team TOIRO!

Celebrating the end of the event with even more wine!


We had such a successful 1-Year Anniversary event filled with happy faces, satisfied stomachs, lots of wine, and most importantly, with much love. We are so grateful to have enjoyed such a positive evening with our team, friends, family, and supportive customers. This past year has been filled with so much prosperity and happiness, and we are looking forward to many more joyful years to come!

Our “World of Kohchosai Kosuga” Collection, featuring many chopsticks, bento boxes, jubako, plates, trays, baskets, cutlery, and many more. You can find our artisanal bamboo products here.

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