Happy Donabe Life

Silver Lining / Finding Ikigai

April 30, 2020

Since our lives were suddenly changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, I hear the phrase “silver lining” used by people so often. During this unprecedented hardship, so many people are trying to stay positive and want to make sense out of this situation.

I love and respect the fact that people are discovering or rediscovering ikigai(Japanese word for “reason for being” or “purpose of life”) whether it’s something small or big. My silver lining of this pandemic past weeks is I have been re-recognizing what my ikigai really has been and why I started TOIRO. I love to cook and share the joy and happiness of home cooking through donabe. Donabe cooking really makes me so happy. So, I love to help people feel inspired and find joy in cooking and enjoying meals. Really, that’s what keeps me going…all coming from my inner self, and not from demand or pressure from outside! Every meal counts. Have you thought about how many more meals you will have until you die? I think about it a lot. So, I put so much good energy into each meal I make. And, it can be a very simple meal.

I’ve been trying to post my simple home donabe recipes as often as possible in my Instagram account. I also posted a couple of new videos on Naoko’s Happy Donabe Life YouTube channel. Please follow/ subscribe if you can, so I hope to share more joy of donabe cooking with you.

Thank you so much for all your support. I wish you all stay safe, healthy, and keep inspired every day.

Naoko Takei Moore
PS: Please also share your donabe cooking photos in your Instagram story and tag @toirokitchen so we want to share with more people!

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