Happy Donabe Life

Made In Gifu Launch Reception

April 20, 2019

Last Saturday, April 13, we launched Made In Gifu: Traditional and Modern Crafts from Gifu Japan. We hosted an early evening reception to celebrate the launch of this special collection, and so many people come to the event!

Many were already waiting outside before the reception started.


We offered Taste of Gifu samples.


So many happy people.


I was so glad everybody loved Miso-Marinated Cream Cheese canapés.


The event was filled with so much love and happiness by the wonderful people.


We want to thank everyone who came to the even to show your support to us and the wonderful crafts from Gifu. Thank you! Made In Gifu Collection is now available both in our website and West Hollywood location. Availability is limited, so please check them out now!

Happy donabe life.

Naoko (a.k.a. Mrs. Donabe)


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