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Happy Donabe New Year 2020

January 24, 2020

My Homemade Osechi Ryori (Japanese New Year Dishes)

The Year 2019 went by so fast…it was a crazy year with so many things happened in my life, and at the same time, it was a very good year filled with a lot of love and support from so many people. I want to thank everyone who supported TOIRO and me throughout the year, so we could end 2019 with big smiles!

To end the year, I hosted a small dinner party at my place. We toasted with Krug…one of my favorite Champagne.

Main coures was Oden made in donabe! Oden is a very popular Japanese dish, and there are restaurants specialized in oden throughout the country, too. It’s like Japanese version of pot-au-feu…different ingredients are simmered in a broth. My oden normally contains pork spare ribs, octopus legs, daikon, konnyaku, kombu, eggs, mochi-filled tofu pouch, fish cake, etc. I was so glad everybody enjoyed it so much.

On the New Year’s Eve, I prepared Toshikoshi Soba (“Year crossing soba”). Eating soba on New Year’s Eve is a widely practiced custom throughout in Japan for centuries. Soba symbolizes longevity, so we eat soba for the good health for the coming year and forward. I made Soba with Mushroom Dipping Sauce in Donabe. It was so good.

In the New Year, I hosted a very Japanese New Year dinner and invited some close friends.

I made traditional Osechi Ryori (Japanese New Year celebration dishes). It’s indeed a lot of work to make Osechi Ryori from scratch. There are so many components in Osechi Ryori, so beginning with the shopping, prepping and execution, it’s a few day process…but, I always have fun making this special feast. It’s totally worth it.

Time for the main course…Sukiyaki! I prepared both beef and pork slices, along with a variety of vegetables, etc. to cook in the sauce.

Sukiyaki is always so much fun. After this, we made udon “shime” (finishing course).
Ozoni (New Year Soup)

Wishing all of you happy donabe new year!

Naoko Takei Moore

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