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Donabe Cooking Class at Chateau Hanare

June 7, 2019

We had our first collaboration donabe cooking class event with Chateau Hanare on May 25, and it was a big success! Chateau Hanare is a Japanese restaurant, located next to Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. It’s a beautiful place and they serve authentic Japanese food in an elegant setting. I’ve been a fan of this restaurant since they opened last summer.

The 20 seats filled up immediately after the event was announced a couple of weeks prior, and by the time of the event date, there were about 50 people on the waiting list. We are so grateful for such demand and are sorry to those who couldn’t get in this time. But, we want to do this again.

We made 5 different dishes, all in donabe! The class was done in a demonstration style, so the guests could sit back and enjoy learning these donabe recipes. We also enjoyed many interactions with the guests.

After all the dishes were made, all the dishes were served in courses and everybody enjoyed the lunch.

Here’s my oil sardine donabe rice. I’m glad everybody liked it! Here’s the entire menu of the class.

Homemade Soft Tofu with Mushroom Ankake Sauce.
Sake-Steamed Clams and Vegetables
Hot Pot of Meat, Seafood & Assorted Vegetables in Hatcho Miso Broth
Oil Sardine & Ginger Rice
Hojicha Custard Pudding

Chateau Hanare’s executive chef, Abe-san was truly a master! I really enjoyed cooking with him. The class was so much fun, and I look forward to another collaboration with Chateau Hanare!

Naoko (Mrs. Donabe)

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