Happy Donabe Life

Donabe Collaboration Dinner Event at Tsubaki in Echo Park

October 23, 2019

I spent a special evening at Tsubaki, my favorite izakaya restaurant in LA…Tsubaki x TOIRO Donabe Collaboration Dinner on September 30. From TOIRO, Yuko and I joined Tsubaki’s team led by Chef Charles Namba. We created 5-course dinner at this sold-out dinner event.

Since Tsubaki opened a few years ago in Echo Park, I’ve been dining there countless times. The food at Tsubaki is always so delicious, and the atmosphere is nicely relaxing and casual. The owners, Courtney (sommelier/ sake expert) and Charles (chef) are such talented and wonderful people. So, I was really excited to do this first collaboration dinner event with them.

A little relaxing moment before the dinner begins
The menu of the collaboration dinner
Gorgeous First Course of Fresh Seafood by Tsubaki
Donabe-Steamed King Crab by Tsubaki
Time for Our Donabe Dish!

Hot pot course…we made Saikyo Miso Nabe with Tai, Scallops, and Vegetables.

Time for the donabe rice course!

Tako Meshi – Octopus Rice

And, we don’t have any photo of dessert! But, it was a big hit, too. We made Matcha Kuzu-Mochi with Mirin Ice Cream.

We were so happy to see the beautiful smiles of all the guests who came to the dinner, and so many people came to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the dinner. We are so thankful to everybody who joined this donabe night.

We are also very thankful to Courtney, Charles, and the entire team of Tsubaki for this special opportunity. They are such a talented team and continue to inspire us.

Happy donabe life.



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