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Dashi Experience at Uneno

July 25, 2018

Uneno, a traditional dashi company was established more than 120 years ago in Kyoto City. I have been using their dashi products for more than 10 years at my home and have always admire their philosophy of offering the top quality ingredients sourced from sustainable environments.

The 4th generation husband-and-wife team, Motofusa and Yoshiko generously hosted my visit at their shop and factory.

At their factory, every katsuobushi is processed with much care by hand. Before shaving katsuobushi, they are steamed in the traditional wood steamer.

Then, they are shaved one by one by their motor-operated machines which are over 100 years old. The blades are made of iron and sharpened by hand every day.

At their shop, they have a special room for cutting kombu for dashi. After kombu is dried and aged, they are cut by hand in this room. Because kombu is one of the offerings for Shinto Gods and considered sacred, you are not allowed to enter this room with shoes on. Uneno offers their kombu to historic shrines and temples in Kyoto.

Look at the Rishiri Kombu before it’s cut!

Dashi tasting session. I learned so much. Dashi made with Uneno’s ingredients are always so delicious and special.


Happy donabe life.



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